Upholstery Cleaning

The outer cover of your upholstery can be made from a variety of fibres, including cotton, polyester and draylon. All upholstery is carefully inspected prior to cleaning for faults, rips, tears and for cleaning instructions form manufacturers. We then decide on the most suitable cleaning process according to the type of material and degree of soiling.

To prepare for cleaning your upholstery, we place a plastic cover on the floor and cotton sheets over this to protect the floor covering. We also place cotton sheets on surrounding furniture to protect them.
We would first vacuum your upholstery, including all cushions and bases of sofas. This is to remove the surface dirt and dust.

Secondly, we would apply a pre-spray to the fabric which will loosen any soiling within the fabric. This would then be agitated with cloths and then extracted out with a hand tool.
Any stains or marks would then be treated and any areas of heavy soiling would be then be re-cleaned. Depending on the type of upholstery and your requirements we can apply a protective treatment (Gold Service) which helps protect against stains and gives you time to deal with spilled liquids and keeps your upholstery cleaner for longer.

If needed, an airmover can be used to speed up drying times.

We will always protect your carpets or hard floor with a plastic sheet and then cotton sheets and also protect your furniture with cotton sheets as well.