What is a Truckmount?
More often than not we will clean your carpets and/or upholstery with a Truckmounted Hot Water Extraction Machine (as pictured above).
A Truckmount is a carpet & upholstery cleaning unit that is permanently mounted inside our van. We will park the van near your premises and connect the vacuum hose and cleaning solution hose to the machine, take the hoses into the building and connect a carpet cleaning wand to the end of the hoses.

Truckmounts have a number of advantages over a Portable Machine:

  • To put it in perspective, a portable will be able to use 3hp of electricity at the most before it will start to blow fuses in your home. The Truckmount we use has a 16 horsepower petrol engine, it is five times as powerful as a portable. It cleans better leaving carpet and upholstery drier with less upheaval for you.
  • We will bring our own water in a tank built into the van and will also take the waste water away with us afterward. If we need more water, we link to an outside tap and tip the waste water down an outside sewer drain. We don’t have to carry buckets of water from your kitchen sink to fill our machine and then gallons of soiled water back through your house to tip down your sink.
  • A Portable can either be left by the front door or brought into the house whereas you only have the hoses from the Truckmount in your home as the Truckmount stays outside. If the portable is in the house, the damp stale air is being blown around your house. With the Truckmount it is being exhausted outside only, not into your home.

A Truck Mount has three main distinct advantages, they are as follows:

  • The vacuum system on a Truckmount is completely different to that of a portable. It runs off what is called a Displacement Blower which enables us to run on our machine 250 feet of hose if need be. A portable really starts to struggle on 75 foot of hose showing the lack of performance on this type of machine.
  • The solution pressure on a portable runs at between 70 and 150 psi but on a Truckmount we have the opportunity of going up to 500 psi if needed which gives a deeper clean especially in areas of heavy soiling like in some commercial environments.
  • A Truckmount will produce hot water. Hot water cleans better than cold or warm water. Water cleans better at higher temperatures. With heat, the activity of cleaning solutions is dramatically increased which improves both the speed of cleaning and the effectiveness of soil removal. Greasy soils in particular become easy to remove with elevated temperatures.

Higher temperatures, more vacuum and water pressure combine for performance which no portable unit can come close to.