Rug Cleaning

Rugs come in many sizes to suit any budget and from many countries around the world. Either hand knotted with skill by a family on a loom or machine-made in a factory. Rugs can be made from either wool, silk, cotton or one of the man-made fibres such as Polypropylene, Acrylic, Nylon or Polyester.

Each rug is inspected to see what fibre it is made of, whether it is hand knotted or machine-made, what country it is from, the cleaning labels, any damage and the best way of cleaning it.
Each rug if vacuumed on both sides to remove as much of the dry soiling as possible (sand).

Then the rug is checked to see if it is colourfast which will help decide on the cleaning method. It will then be cleaned using a neutral cleaning solution. The rug can be submersion cleaned if needed. The fringes will be separately cleaned. Depending on the type of the rug and your requirements we can apply a protective treatment (Gold Service) which helps protect against stains and gives you time to deal with spilled liquids and keeps your rug cleaner for longer.

Great care is taken in cleaning your rug.