Landlords and Tenants

Landlords Letting or Estate Agents
If you manage properties whether as a landlord or letting agent we are able offer the whole cleaning package from carpets to a general clean (kitchen & bathrooms) of your properties between tenants. We know that you want to provide your future tenants with clean fresh carpets and this will not only help to protect your investment but will help your tenant feel more at home. Carpets in rented properties can sometimes be mistreated or abused. Our professional carpet cleaning service will restore your carpets giving them a fresh clean look so that a prospective tenant will not be put off.

Tenants or Sold Properties
Why not let us take the stress out of your move? Are you moving in to your new home or office whether bought or rented and want to make it feel a little more homely? Then having your carpets deep cleaned will achieve great results.

We offer the full cleaning package which includes carpets, a general/spring clean of the property (kitchen & bathrooms) as per most tenancy agreements.
We have a good working relationship with most of the letting agents in the area and have gained a good reputation with them.

At the end of your tenancy when you are moving out of a rented property we can also help by saving you risking losing your deposit. Most estate agents and landlords now add in as part of the tenancy agreement, that the carpets are professionally cleaned before you leave at the end of your tenancy.

A survey of the carpet will be carried out. This can then be presented by you to the landlord or letting/estate agent, ensuring them that the carpets have been cleaned professionally using an approved method.