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Carpet Cleaning

Carpets come in many different fibres, including Polypropylene, wool, Nylon, Polyester and mixtures of those fibres. They also come in different constructions, such as tufted, loop pile, Axminster, Wilton, carpet tiles and Flotex. We will survey the carpets before cleaning, this includes checking what the carpet is made from and if there are any stains or marks. We would also discuss any of your concerns.

On the day we clean your carpets, we will thoroughly vacuum them using an upright vacuum for the main areas and a cylinder vacuum for edges and stairs. This is in line for the British standard for carpet cleaning (BSi Pas 86). We would move as much of the furniture as possible subject to size and weight. This is only one part of the cleaning process.

Next we would apply a pre-spray which would be worked into the carpet with a rotary machine. This would then be extracted out with the truckmount, thus removing soiling from carpet. Depending on the type of the carpet and your requirements we can apply a protective treatment (Gold Service) which helps protect against stains and gives you time to deal with spilled liquids and keeps your carpet cleaner for longer.

At the end of this process we would put as much of the furniture back in the original position, slightly raised off the ground with small polystyrene blocks to allow air flow.

The carpets drying time can vary greatly depending on different factors, i.e. fibre content, construction, pile density, degree of soiling, method of cleaning, room temperature, humidity and air circulation. However, we would expect, with good ventilation which helps air circulation, the carpet to be dry within 4 hours. To speed up drying time, leave internal doors and windows open (weather and security permitting) and keep heating on, especially during winter months.

The method (hot water extraction) we use to clean carpets is the method recommended by most carpet manufacturers. This system removes more soiling out of a carpet than any other.



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